Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Texas? Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Chances are that you’ll know when you need a lawyer in Texas. The events that cause the average person to need legal assistance are usually dramatic and obvious. You may be in the middle of a contentious divorce, you may have been arrested, or you may be lying in a hospital after being hurt by someone in a car accident or truck accident. While there are some exceptions, by and large people are naturally good at knowing when they need an attorney. How to choose an attorney is another matter altogether. The process of choosing who to represent you is often much less clear, and is made all the more difficult due to pressure that you may feel to act quickly, especially after a vehicle collision.


What are your options:


Texas law firms, especially personal injury firms, have traditionally been divided into two types. The first type is when a skilled attorney opens up a law firm dedicated to his or her specialty.  These types of firms are specially designed to allow the attorney to personally dedicate themselves to representing and helping clients that fall within their area of expertise. The second type are large firms that are often structured as a partnership or a corporation. This includes the silly TV advertising with lawyers who talk aggressively at the camera and tell you their clever nicknames. Usually they stick the word law in front of a tool or a predatory animal and pretend like it makes them better lawyers. They have billboards that decry that they are the “law eagles”, or the “law pistols”, or the “Texas battering ram”. For whatever reason, you will find a lot of this type of goofiness when you are looking for a personal injury firm.


The problem with “big” firms:


Large, corporate firms and partnerships are usually built on the skill and reputation of one or two attorneys. These attorneys are usually the ones responsible for the big verdicts that are advertised on billboards and television. The problem is that those attorneys will only ever be personally involved in a fraction of the cases that they sign up. The reason for this is because these larger firms model their business on volume. They try and get as many cases as possible, and, unless your case is worth millions of dollars, after the first consultation you will be handed off to a far less competent associate attorney or legal assistant who will do all the work on your case. If you are dealing with serious injuries needing treatment after a car accident or truck accident, your case may suffer if it’s handled by an inexperienced personal injury attorney. Your case may even be assigned to a lawyer fresh out of law school working their first case.


Do you want to be a lawyer’s first case?


If you choose the big name firm, you may deal with several different lawyers over the course of your case. The lawyer who writes the petition may be different than the one answering discovery who may be different than the one representing you in trial. You may never be able to speak with the lead attorney, even if you ask. Additionally, many attorneys with experience may not have the right type of experience. If you’ve had a car accident, you need to find an experienced car accident lawyer. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you need a truck accident attorney. How do you know if you’re getting one of the good ones?


What is the alternative?


At my personal injury firm, I do things differently. The model at Madsen Law Office is to provide a boutique experience for my clients with the same fees (or in some case less) as the larger, corporate firms. Our aim is simple: to effectively, professionally, and personally, represent each client. I’m not interested in trying to sign up every client from San Antonio to Georgetown. What I am interested in is making sure that I provide my clients with the very best representation possible in order to maximize their recovery. This business philosophy allows me to dedicate specialized attention to your case. You get the benefit of working directly with me as your lead attorney. I specialize in various types of personal injury accidents such as car accidents and truck accidents as well as property liability claims. I have been very successful in winning trials and mediations for my clients. If you call my office, then you will speak with me. I will handle all aspects of your case from consultation to resolution. When you hire Madsen Law Office, you get Nick Madsen as your personal attorney. If you compare the experience at Madsen Law Office to the experience you will get working with one of the large TV firms you will see that those other firms can’t give you the type of personalized service I do and you can’t be sure of the qualification of the attorney representing your interests. This can’t be overstated, make sure you know the qualifications of the attorney who will actually be handling your case. So if you want to feel confident that your injury case will not be sitting in a huge stack of many others, but will be given individualized attention and worked as hard and fast as possible by a skilled and qualified personal injury attorney, then Madsen Law Office is the firm for you.

And there’s another common type of small firm that may not be the right choice.

If you want to avoid the big, corporate firm, you can either hire a small General Practice Firm, or a specialized Personal Injury Firm. I strongly believe it’s important to seek a specialist. If you’ve been in a car accident, you should hire a personal injury lawyer. At a General Practice Firm, you may have an excellent attorney who does mostly divorce cases and has a few car accidents cases a year, or less. You will pay the same amount for an experienced car accident lawyer. Truck accidents are also an area where it’s important to seek out a specialist. Commercial accidents have specific considerations which are best handled by an attorney who has done several of them; a truck accident requires a truck accident attorney. This is especially the case if you have serious injuries. The right attorney can be your guide and partner every step of the way to make sure your medical needs are taken care of in the right amount of time in the right way to increase the strength of your case. I’m happy to be your partner in doing so. And if you are unsure at all, feel free to call me directly for a free consultation. I’m here to help.

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